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Legal Implications

Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment:

Title IX:

How does Title IX apply to bullying against LGBTQQ students?

1st Amendment:

What does this mean for LGBTQQ students?

A transgender student has the right to dress in accordance with his/her/hir’s gender identity/ expression. The First Amendment also limits school officials from censoring a student's freedom of speech.

Equal Access Act (EAA)

Letters from the Department of Education

The US Department of Education has issued a series of “Dear Colleague” letters to all public school adminstrators discussing anti-bullying policy as it applies to LGBT students, as well as support for Gay-Straight Alliances. These letters show support from the highest authority and can act as helpful leverage.

Downloadable Letter Forms

1. Know Your Rights! A Quick Guide for LGBT High School Students:

2. Letter to School Officials Regarding Gay Straight Alliances:

3. Letter to Educators about the Day of Silence:

4. Letter to School Officials about Addressing Anti-LGBT Bullying:

5. A Model Anti-Harassment Policy for Schools:

see also:

6. Letter Urging Adoption of Safe Schools Policies:

7. Letter to Principals and School Educators about School Censorship:

8. Prom Resources for LGBT Students:

9. US Dept. of Education "Dear Colleague" Letter on Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs and the Equal Access Act:

10. How to File a Bullying, Harassment, or Discrimination Report with the Office of Civil Rights:

11. Letter to School Officials Regarding LGBT Student Privacy:

12. Letter to School Officials Regarding Web Filtering:

13. Identity Documents: Transgender Rigths Toolkit: A Legal Guide for Trans People and Their Advocates:

14. Fighting Anti-Trans Violence: Transgender Rights Toolkit:

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